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Hi readers! Welcome to my website! Like the URL says, my name is Silence O’Shea, and I’ve spent my quiet life in a tiny woodland town in the extreme Northern U.S. But don’t let the small-town mentality fool you — the lusty locals generate enough heat to melt the polar ice caps! Some people love to share their exploits — and I’m a trusted listener. I’ll never spill secrets, but that doesn’t mean I can’t use the naughtiest bits and most colorful characters as inspiration for my work.  😉

I’m a lifelong reader and newbie author who’s open to any and all input from fellow book lovers. Advice, suggestions, support, compliments, angry fists of rage raised to the sky…any feedback is appreciated, so always feel free to drop me a line. I’m a friendly sort who wants to hear from everyone. And again…a great listener.  😉

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