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British Invasion


British Invasion, Book 1

Babysitting a British dance troupe isn’t one of Caitlin’s career aspirations, but before she can say “male strippers”, she finds herself the newly appointed caretaker for the Fire from Lancashire. Keeping five gorgeous guys on task is hard enough; living under the same roof with the luscious lads is near torture, especially when one begins starring in her naughtiest fantasies. Too bad about that “no fraternization” clause in her contract…

With a single kiss, Cait went from sweet caretaker to must-have sexual conquest. Oliver wants the voluptuous beauty badly, contracts and clauses be damned. Then one of his mates comes up with a way for Oliver to get his cake while the rest eat too. Their employer might fire one man for ravishing Cait…but certainly not all of them. Right? After one taste, Oliver knows she’s definitely worth the risk of finding out.

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British Invasion, Book 2

Fire from Lancashire dancer Sean Clark is loving life. He and his mates have the hottest show on the Vegas Strip, not to mention money to burn and pretty American birds to spare. Things couldn’t be better—until he finds out he’s being deported back to London. Desperate to stay in the U.S., he does the one thing he swore he’d never do—get married. To his accountant, no less.

Of course, Maribelle is pretty cute, once you get rid of the austere bun and Poly-blend suits. She’s also practically a blank slate where sex is concerned, something Sean happens to be damn good at. He’ll help Belles start her dream business, and in return, he gets to stay in the States and enjoy the perk of a lush, wet, willing woman at his beck and call. A woman who’s turning out to be everything Sean never knew he wanted.

“’Til death do us part” is sounding sweet. But if a certain government bloke has his way, Sean and Belles will be parting far sooner.

Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and Kobo

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