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Hell Builds its First Ice Rink! Satan reports: “I’m freezing my frakking ass off!”

It had to happen. Not hell freezing over; that’s just a coincidence, I swear. *whistles innocently* No, I’m talking about the brand-spankin’ new blog and website! Welcome!

While I’d thought I could just write my guts out and publish and you’d buy my sexy little stories while I kept it impersonal, sharing nothing little of myself … I know better. Or actually, I know better now. I’ve gotta share, I’ve gotta connect, I’ve gotta let readers in a bit. And I really do get it; I mean, I LOVE reading my favorite authors’ blogs and tweets and FB posts. Especially when they’re not at all book-related. I like to know what they’re cooking and wearing, the silly things their kids say, the funny arguments they have with their annoying neighbors, the sweet things their husbands do for them on Valentine’s Day, etc. I like wishing them happy birthday, and it’s a thrill-a-minute to actually chat in 140-character increments with authors I read and adore. It’s just so much damn fun. And it humanizes them, and makes the book-reading experience more personal.

Viva Internet stalking!

So what’s my problem with doing all that myself, you might wonder? Well, not to put too fine a point on it, but … I just don’t think I’m that interesting.

Lol! No, no, I don’t have self-esteem problems. I’m not into self-flagellation and I’m not fishing for compliments. I’m just pretty shy, and as far as my writing goes, I’m a noob. I’ve gotten some pretty good feedback on my work, but hearing it’s good and believing it’s good are two different things. I don’t dislike my books (if I did, I wouldn’t publish them), but I’m no Nora Roberts, and I’m terrifically conscious of that fact. Plus, nobody likes a braggart, so I figure a little realism and a lot of ego-checking isn’t such a bad thing.

But I finally realized (with a little help from a friend) that if I love getting to know my favorite authors, maybe … just maybe … someone might read one of my erotic romances and decide they might like to get to know me.

So I’m trying. I’m on Facebook and Twitter, I’ve recently added a newsletter link to my FB page, and this website and blog are my latest (and biggest) additions to my Professional Author arsenal. Now if I can just avoid shooting myself in the foot…Β  πŸ˜‰

I hope you enjoy them both, and visit often. I find myself slightly terrified, but also excited at the prospect of meeting new readers and maybe even making a few friends.Β  πŸ™‚

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  1. I love it too! I will point out that while I love Nora Roberts, I’ve read more of your books lately and had more fun with your stories than hers. Yours are better in a different category. I just don’t find myself snorting in unexpected laughter reading Nora. Lol

    • OMG, Deana…you mentioned me and La Nora in the same comment?! Excuse me while I faint for a little while. LOL! You have made my entire year! Every single moment of authorly angst is worth it, thanks to that amazing compliment. ❀


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