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Long Time, No Post

Man, when was the last time we talked? Oh gosh, that’s right, um…LAST WINTER!!

I’m ashamed. Truly, madly, deeply. Though, my friends, the times they can be tough. My tough times came by way of my day job, which has been pretty much working me to death. That’s the way of it in summer towns; you know, those small, pretty places that thrive on summer tourism. In my case, that’s spring/summer/fall tourism. But things are slowing a bit now, and I’m finding random odd hours here and there to get some writing in. That means British Invasion 3: U.K. Dom is in the works!! And I’m both excited and terrified. Lol! Because while Dom is just as charming and amusing as the rest of the Fire from Lancashire lads, this book definitely has a darker tone than the others, which I hope you’ll still love as much as I’m loving it so far.

Damn, these stories are just getting more serious as I go. What the hell’s the world coming to when a bunch of male strippers have to get all deep? Why can’t they just be fun and sexy and pretty, like good boys?? Sigh…  😉

I’m getting a bit more time to write each week, so I’m hoping (and praying, and chanting…) to have Dom published by the end of September. Cross your fingers!! And thanks for being so patient! 

Sex on Sunday ~ Ditter Kellen!!

Hi friends! Hope everyone’s having a relaxing, sensual Sunday. 😉  We’ve got a little foreplay snippet from Ditter Kellen today! If you’re not familiar with Ditter, then I don’t know what rock you’ve been hiding under but damn…have you been missing out! She’s the funniest chick on FB, and easiest one of the naughtiest, and that saucy side is bleeding heavily into her books. As in, open-artery style gushing. Lol! This scene is from book one in her new Seeker series, coming soon from Loose ID!

Excerpt: Ember Burns, by Ditter Kellen

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

image“Don’t move.” He slipped behind her and tied a cloth over her eyes.

Both of her hands came up to cover his. “Wait…”

“Don’t think, Ember, just burn.”

His words coupled with the sexy timbre of his voice released something deep inside her. Breathing became difficult, and her pussy slickened with need. “Oh God.”

He took hold of one of her hands and brought it around to his erection. “Do you feel that? See what you do to me?”

How could she not? He felt massive in her palm. When she didn’t answer, he pressed forward and snaked her hand up and down his length, wringing a groan from both of them.

She realized he’d let go when the straps on her nightshirt were lowered. It dropped to the floor to pool at her feet. Cool air touched her heated flesh, leaving goose bumps in its wake.

Scent and sound became magnified by the blindfold. Ember felt him move in front of her and heard the refrigerator door open. She stood completely still, afraid it was all a dream and he’d disappear.

Something touched her lips. “Open.” She obeyed without question, biting into a cold and grainy texture only to moan in ecstasy when the taste of strawberry burst across her tongue.


Juice dripped from her bottom lip as she accepted the whipped cream he offered next. His warm mouth closed over her chin to gently suck before sliding up to cover her own. “It’s not as sweet as you.”

He backed up a step when her hands lifted to touch him. “This is about you. Just feel.”

She was on board with whatever he decided to do as long as he didn’t stop.

Sex on Sunday ~ MARI CARR!!

I’m so thrilled to be a part of Silence’s awesome Sex on Sunday segment. There’s something about the irreverent nature of the whole concept that simply screams “Silence” to me. Clearly she’s not a big believer in “the day of rest”! LOL!

Here’s a never-before-seen excerpt from my book, Status Update. It releases on October 29.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

StatusUpdate72web“Where’s your bedroom?” His voice was husky, deeper than normal.


“Get there.” He stepped away, allowing her only enough space as needed for her to walk toward the staircase. He was right behind her, the heat of his body still touching her back.

She’d only taken two steps when he wrapped his arm around her waist and halted her. His hand crept along the inside of her thigh.

“I want to see if you were lying about the panties.”

She grinned. She wasn’t. She never wore underwear, had given them up nearly a decade earlier. It had been one of her first acts of rebellion, small and silly though it seemed to her now.

Bryan’s hand cupped her bare ass as he gave her a murmur of approval. His fingers drifted along her slit. Laura bent forward, using the step near her head for support. She parted her legs to allow him better access. Bryan took advantage of it.

He lost no time pushing one, then two fingers inside her. Laura cried out, surprised and thrilled by the sudden invasion. She was wet and more than ready for him.

God. At this rate, they’d never make it to her bedroom.

Bryan thrust in and out several times before driving deep one last time. He left his fingers buried inside her. “Go upstairs, Laura. We’re going to finish this on your bed.”

She paused for a moment, waiting for him to release her. He didn’t. She took a tentative step and Bryan matched it. One strong arm banded her waist as the other hand remained between her legs. Together, they made their way to the top. While it should have been awkward, Laura had never experienced anything hotter in her life.

Finally, they made it to her room and Bryan withdrew his fingers. She turned to face him as he undid his tie and pulled it from the collar of his shirt. Walking toward her, he grasped her hands and made short work of using the silk to bind her hands in front of her.

“What are you doing?”

He shrugged. “Playing. You have no idea how fucking sexy you look right now, do you?”

She glanced down. She was a mess with her blouse open, her breasts hanging over the top of her bra. She’d lost her shoes somewhere on the stairs, stepping out of the heels to try to find the balance Bryan’s wicked fingers kept stripping away. Her skirt was askew and her hair was hanging in her face. She’d never felt sexier.

Bryan led her to the bed, gently pushing her to sit on the edge of the mattress, then guiding her down to her back. His knee touched her hip as he leaned over her, lifting her arms. “Keep them above your head. Don’t move them unless I tell you to.”

She wasn’t bound to the bed and she was certainly free to lower her arms. Hell, it probably wouldn’t take much effort on her part to loosen the knot in the slick material and free herself completely. Even so, she was wonderfully restrained, bound to the spot.

Bryan raised her skirt to her waist, then knelt on the floor at her feet. Laura closed her eyes when his intentions became clear. Jesus. Her heart raced as he pressed his lips to her clit, nipping the distended flesh with his teeth.

“Oh my God.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Status Update – Blurb

Some things never change. Others never stay the same. Thank God.

Second Chances, Book 3

Laura Sanders thought post-divorce life would be simple. What a rude awakening to realize that after too many years as a wife and mother, she’s stuck in a rut so deep she’s forgotten how to have fun.

Determined that this year will be different, she sets a New Year’s goal to rediscover the woman she used to be—the one who loved to dance, to laugh, to kiss.

When Bryan Sinclair spots his best friend from high school in the Blue Moon bar, he wonders how the hell he failed to notice her beauty and vitality all those years ago. Laura’s confession that she plans to experience lost opportunities tempts him into joining her on the journey.

Together they make up for lost time, in and out of the bedroom. But there’s one area in which Laura has no plans to change the status quo—her heart. And Bryan has his work cut out convincing her to take another chance. On him. On forever.

Warning: This story contains sex at Rocky Horror, sex at a Jimmy Buffett concert, sex on the stairs, sex on the dining-room table, sex on the dance floor, and even sex in a bed.

Releasing October 29, Status Update is currently available for pre-order at AmazonSamhain, and Barnes and Noble.

The British Are Coming!

And I do mean “coming”.  😉

Sorry, sorry…I’m a pun whore from way back and there’s just no stopping me. Lol! But no lie, friends: The next sexy Englishman in my British Invasion series has arrived!


UKbelles_coverAMZUKB features Sean, the fun blond playboy introduced in U.K. Kink. And can I tell you what a colossal pain in the ass he is?! OMG, he gave me fits during the writing process, bitching up a storm about my chosen conflict. So loudly that the story was sidelined for just over two months before I sewed together the tattered remains of my pride and just did what the man wanted. Sigh… I’m so easy. In the end, Sean knew all along what his story should be, and I’m pretty pleased with the results. I’m definitely in love with Maribelle, Sean’s heroine (and the accountant for the Fire from Lancashire male revue), the intrepid woman who steps up and offers her help — and her heart — when Sean’s in danger of (gasp!) being deported. I hope you love both of them as much as I do!

A lil’ someth’n someth’n to wet your appetite…

U.K. Belles Excerpt

They’d been arguing about her proposal for an hour and Mari’s confidence was waning rapidly. She was just about to declare defeat when she saw the first crack in Sean’s impenetrable wall of denial.

“So…all you want is money?” Sean eyed her warily, clearly still unsure of her motives. Not that she could blame him. She’d been overseeing his finances for years, and while he had initially approached her like he approached all women—in full-on flirt mode—Mari had done little more than stammer and blush through those early encounters. It wasn’t long before Sean had decided she was all business, and their semi-regular meetings had become fast, if no less friendly affairs.

Mari hadn’t realized how much she’d enjoyed his flirting until he’d stopped. She discussed favorite authors with Oliver and Simon, both of whom had a fondness for suspense and horror and, like Mari, a secret love for all things Harry Potter. With Jay, she discussed cooking. The man was something of an amateur chef, and he’d taken Mari under his wing after she’d confessed she could barely boil water. Even she and Dominic had kickboxing in common.

But Sean was a closed book. Since assuming her disinterest, he’d been polite, friendly, receptive to financial advice…one of the easiest clients she had. But she knew little about him. Oddly enough, over the years, the less he’d divulged, the more Mari wanted to know. His reputation was that of a perpetual playboy, but there had been glimpses of introspection and thoughtfulness in his frequently amused eyes. It was in those moments Mari suspected Sean was more than the sum of his parts—as sexy as those parts were.

She didn’t know if Sean would allow her to crawl inside his head, get to know the man behind the stripper façade. Perhaps one day. But at least where money was concerned, Mari had a feeling he wouldn’t object to her plan. He had plenty, thanks to her shrewd investment suggestions, and U.K. Kink paid for the house and nearly all of his expenses. He wasn’t a spendthrift and his attitude toward his mild wealth was more “that’s nice” than anything else. In fact, Sean had seemed oddly admiring when she’d claimed this arrangement wasn’t about love. Mari didn’t feel she had the right to ask his thoughts on something so personal—yet.

“Well, naturally there are…sensitive things we’ll have to discuss. We’ll both be interviewed. I have friends who did this, and they were asked some pretty intimate questions during the interview. We’d have to know certain…um…things about each other.” She found herself blushing again.

Sean smirked. “That’s the least of my worries. Sex isn’t all hearts and roses for me, luv. I’ve got no problem shagging your lovely arse so I can pass an interview.”

Mari blushed harder. “Gee, thanks.”

“Listen, I just mean I’m not the commitment sort. I’m only twenty-five, luv; haven’t given a thought to settling down. But if we’re married, I’m guessing you might get your knickers in a twist if I bring home some pretty bird to share our bed. Sorta puts a cramp in my lifestyle.”

Mari wasn’t sure if she should be insulted that he’d want another woman or honored he’d want to include her in a threesome. She rolled her eyes. “I’m sorry about your lifestyle, but if you want to stay in the country, there will have to be sacrifices on both our parts. Immigration can drop by whenever they’d like to check on our living situation.”

“So we’d have to share a bedroom.”

“I assume so. But you can have a spare room for your…birds. As long as you keep all your clothes and things in our room. And we don’t have to sleep with each other for the interview. There are other ways to learn what we need to know.”

Sean gave her a look that was part indulgence, part sarcasm. “How you figure? Truth or Dare?”

She pursed her lips in a slight smirk. “I was thinking just, you know, some deep discussions.”

Sean stared at her in silence for so long, she began to squirm on her stool.

Finally he nodded slowly. “Let me see if I’ve got this right. We’ll be married, but we won’t have sex. We’ll share a room, but I can avail myself of a guest room if I want to bang a female visitor. And in exchange for all this non-sex and a non-dutiful wife, I give you money to help you get a business off the ground. Is that what you’re proposing, luv?”

Mari squirmed again. “Well, when you put it like that—”


Her heart stopped and stomach plummeted. All her blood rushing down to pool in her feet and leave the rest of her icy cold and tingling. “No?”

“No.” Sean shook his head once again, his blond bangs swaying to cover one intense blue eye. He shoved his fingers through his hair to push it back and skewered Mari with a stern glare. “Oh, I’ll help finance your business—but I expect something in return.”

She frowned. “What?”

Now his eyes turned predatory and a slow smile stretched his full lips. “Sex, of course.”

Her body went from frigid to feverish in the space of a breath, the tingling intensifying as it took up residence in decidedly more interesting body parts. She struggled to speak and emitted a series of high-pitched squeaks akin to that of a mouse being sat on by a two-ton elephant.

She cleared her throat roughly and tried again. “Uh…sex?”

“That’s right, luv. Sex. From you. Lots of it.”

U.K. Belles is available at Amazon, B&N, Smashwords and Kobo

Sex on Sunday

You read that right. I love Sundays; they’re lazy days around my household, perfect for sleeping late, then lounging in boxers and wife-beaters while sipping coffee, cuddling with pets, eating whatever we damn well please…and then working it off with a little afternoon delight.  😉  In my bid to make Sunday the sexiest day of the week, I’m offering one fully fleshed-out (pun definitely intended) sex scene each week, from both my books and the amazing books of my author friends. Just try to read these and not ravage the nearest available body.

The first Sex on Sunday post features, fittingly enough, a scene from my very first book, His Right Hand, a contemporary erotic romance novella, featuring the sexually inept Mike, and his, um…devoted assistant. A short blurb:

Mike Jasper is a great catch on paper, but according to his dissatisfied exes, he’s sorely lacking in the bedroom. Desperate for help, he turns to his longtime right-hand woman, Ellen. To Jasper’s surprise, she’s hiding a hot & horny vixen beneath those business suits, and his office quickly becomes a pleasure den. He’s learning more than he ever dreamed possible under Ellen’s titillating tutelage…including lessons in love.

Excerpt: His Right Hand
HRHcover(NOTE: The following content is intended for mature audiences only.)

“Mr. Jasper, I’m not the right person to assist you.”

“Why not? You assist me with everything else. Are you dating someone?”


“Do you find me repugnant?”

“Of course not. I—”

“Any religious objections I’m not aware of?”

“Mr. Jasper—”

“Ellen…please? We’ve worked together forever and you’re not likely to get emotionally entangled or spill my bedroom habits to the whole office. You’re smart, sensible, attractive and I trust you implicitly. From all accounts, I’m doing something wrong and I need help.”

Then he went for the jugular. “I don’t want to spend the rest of my life alone.”

That did it. He could practically see the wind leaving her sails.

“Jesus,” she muttered. “I can’t believe I’m contemplating this.”

Jasper held his breath, too afraid to speak. Then he gave her what he hoped was his most pathetic, beseeching look and waited.

“Fine,” she said, standing and moving around the desk to stand in front of him. “Show me what you’ve got.”

“What?” Jasper asked, shocked. He swiveled in his oversized, ridiculously expensive executive chair, staring up at his assistant. He swallowed hard, his hands going slick and his heart suddenly beating like a jackrabbit on speed. He might wonder about his reaction later; after all…he’d asked for this very thing.

But this was Ellen standing before him, a determined look in her eye, and it was all he could do to keep shoving oxygen into his body as he tried to reconcile the vixen standing before him with the all-business broad he’d worked with for the last decade.

She released her hair from its ponytail, shaking her head to let the long tresses tumble over her shoulders and shine in the sunlight flowing through the wall of windows to Jasper’s right. She was sultry, sexy…and he did want to fuck her. Hard.

“You want my help, so let’s get to it. Show me your technique,” she said matter-of-factly.

Okay, so maybe sultry, sexy and still all business.

Jasper started to laugh. He couldn’t help it. This was insane!

His laughter died when she stepped between his thighs, grabbed his hands and placed them firmly on her ass.

“Seriously?” he sputtered. “You want me to seduce you in my office?”

“No time like the present,” she responded. “And no seduction necessary.” Placing her left hand on his chair, she bent slightly to cup his crotch, massaging lightly. His cock instantly rose to the challenge, always ready, as usual.

“Fine,” he retorted, squeezing a handful of ass in each palm. Nice. Firm but fleshy. Not bony—thank God—but far from full-on badonkadonk. Did the kids still say badonkadonk? Anyway, he’d never been given so much as a glimpse of her ass before, nor felt at liberty to take one. Those power suits could be intimidating. Just like the lady wearing them.

He squeezed her flesh once more before sliding his hands down her legs then back up, bringing the skirt of her dress up with them. He hooked the elastic of her panties with two fingers and whisked them down.

Ellen smirked but said nothing as she stepped out of her panties willingly enough, still stroking his crotch.

Feeling as if he was somehow fucking this up, like he had something to prove, Jasper stood and moved both of them over a step, lifting her effortlessly and placing her ass on the desk. He eased himself between her thighs before pulling her groin tight to his.

She smirked again.

Jesus! He grasped her head, spearing his fingers into her hair, and bent to kiss her. If for no other reason than to avoid seeing that smirk again.

The kiss was tentative, light brushes of his mouth against hers. Normally he’d dive right in, tongue at the ready, but those smirks, her lack of response…her utter silence was messing with his head. But she returned the kiss, her lips soft, which surprised him for some reason. When she was on a roll, she could curse like a sailor. And she’d verbally sparred with some of the most intimidating CEOs in the country during the course of various business meetings. Shit, half the time, he just sat back and let her do all the talking. She knew the ins and outs of the company almost better than he did, and she watched after its interests as if they were her own.

But now that sharp mouth was pliant—dare he say bored? Could a mouth be bored? He deepened the kiss slightly, barely licking the seam of her lips, and she opened her mouth to give him entrance. His tongue stroked hers leisurely, lazily, and that, along with the feel of her hand once more on his crotch, stroking just as slowly, was bitch-slapping his insecurities into submission and getting him excited. Fast.

Jasper ran a hand up her thigh, wasting no time before plunging a finger inside her pussy. She gasped at the sudden invasion but didn’t stop stroking his dick, faster now.

Hot. Christ, so hot! Jasper’s finger pumped inside Ellen’s cunt, his mind blanking in the face of the heat, the slippery wetness, the muscles clenching. This was his assistant! And she was blazing.

He couldn’t wait. He had to feel that on his dick.

Without breaking the rhythm of his finger, he pulled the shallow center drawer of his desk all the way out, fumbling in the back for his stash of office condoms—hey, he was a guy. Always prepared. Feeling the slick foil package, he yanked it out, withdrew his finger from between Ellen’s legs, swatted her hand away from his crotch…

Then unzipped, sheathed, grabbed and thrust.

In literally seconds his cock was inside his assistant’s scorching pussy, his hands clenching her hips.

Holy. Fuck.

He remained still for just seconds, long enough for Ellen to recline back on her elbows. If a gun were held to his head, he couldn’t have said if she’d gasped or swore or shouted when he’d entered her. He was swimming in blissful ignorance the second he entered her, every brain cell focused on the feel of his painfully hard cock wrapped in the tightest, hottest, wettest pussy he’d ever experienced.

Jasper released her hips and grabbed her legs, lifting them to grasp a toned calf in each hand. Then plunged.

Over and over and over.

He barely noticed Ellen fall to her back and hang on to one edge of the desk for dear life. His dick was on fire and she was squeezing him so tightly. He could only pound inside her, faster, faster, the smell of sex heady, the sound of each slap of his groin against hers and the accompanying sucking sound as he pistoned in and out nearly making him lose his mind.

A few more brutal thrusts and he was done for. He threw his head back, grinding their groins together, and came with several hard, punishing jerks of his hips.

He collapsed forward with one last involuntary thrust of his cock, breath shuttering, elbows flanking Ellen’s torso.

Several seconds later, the fog having left his brain, he smiled, completely stunned he’d just had some of the hottest sex of his life in his office, on his desk…

With his efficient assistant.

He looked up, grin still in place, and glanced at her flushed face shining with a slight sheen of sweat. “So? How’d I do?”

“Seriously?” she asked, one eyebrow raised.

That’s when he noted for the first time—Ellen was most definitely not smiling.

He stilled, suddenly even more nervous than he’d been when fumbling his way through his first lay in the back of his dad’s limo on prom night, during his junior year of high school.

“What do you mean?” he asked. “Of course ‘seriously’. How was it?”

She looked at him like he was the world’s biggest blockhead. “Fucking awful, Jasper, that’s how it was.”

His cock instantly shriveled and practically leaped out of her body. He stood up and stepped back, limp dick hanging out of his pants, condom sagging off the end. He stared dumbly as she sat up, jumped off the desk and donned her panties.

Her silence was unbearable.

“What did I do?” he blurted, not able to take it any longer.

“You did nothing.”

“So…what the hell’s the problem?”

She rolled her eyes, which was somehow no less cutting than her smirk. “That is the problem, Mr. Jasper. You did nothing for me. Didn’t touch my clit, didn’t suck my tits, didn’t offer oral or even give me so much as a kiss on the neck—which is an erogenous zone on most women, by the way.” She shook her head in what could only be described as disgust.

Shame Kung Fu’ed embarrassment to be the first emotion flooding his body. The hottest sex of his life had been her worst. He was mortified. And he definitely didn’t care for the “Mr. Jasper” after such an intimate moment.

Intimate? Great. Ten minutes and she’s turning me into a pussy. I’ll be talking about my feelings next. He stared at the woman he’d thought pretty hot not five minutes ago but who was obviously a heartless ball breaker, determined to make him feel like the biggest schmuck in the world.

She rounded the desk and grabbed her iPad as she continued, “In short, you didn’t get me ready, Mr. Jasper. Or turned-on. A few kisses, a second of finger fucking then you whipped it out and chased your own orgasm. I didn’t come—and you didn’t even notice, did you? So focused on your dick and getting your rocks off and breaking the orgasm land-speed record.” She shook her head again, looking at him with pity in her gaze.

Jasper averted his stare, not able to look at her in his guilt. He surreptitiously tossed the condom in the small wastebasket behind his desk and tucked his pacified—and yes, okay, terrified—dick back into his pants. “So you’ve changed your mind. I certainly don’t blame you, after that,” he said, still not looking up.

“On the contrary,” she said, and he finally met her gaze. “I think you need all the help you can get. I’ll be doing womankind a favor.”

He was shocked. Again. Seemed to be his new permanent state lately. His mouth was hanging open for what must have been the fiftieth time that afternoon. “You’ll still help me?” His surprise and happiness reached puppy-for-Christmas level. “Great! Thank you! When do we start?”

She walked to the door and paused before looking back at him over her shoulder.

“When I say we do,” she replied. And walked out.

His Right Hand is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and Kobo