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Sex on Sunday ~ Ditter Kellen!!

Hi friends! Hope everyone’s having a relaxing, sensual Sunday. 😉  We’ve got a little foreplay snippet from Ditter Kellen today! If you’re not familiar with Ditter, then I don’t know what rock you’ve been hiding under but damn…have you been missing out! She’s the funniest chick on FB, and easiest one of the naughtiest, and that saucy side is bleeding heavily into her books. As in, open-artery style gushing. Lol! This scene is from book one in her new Seeker series, coming soon from Loose ID!

Excerpt: Ember Burns, by Ditter Kellen

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

image“Don’t move.” He slipped behind her and tied a cloth over her eyes.

Both of her hands came up to cover his. “Wait…”

“Don’t think, Ember, just burn.”

His words coupled with the sexy timbre of his voice released something deep inside her. Breathing became difficult, and her pussy slickened with need. “Oh God.”

He took hold of one of her hands and brought it around to his erection. “Do you feel that? See what you do to me?”

How could she not? He felt massive in her palm. When she didn’t answer, he pressed forward and snaked her hand up and down his length, wringing a groan from both of them.

She realized he’d let go when the straps on her nightshirt were lowered. It dropped to the floor to pool at her feet. Cool air touched her heated flesh, leaving goose bumps in its wake.

Scent and sound became magnified by the blindfold. Ember felt him move in front of her and heard the refrigerator door open. She stood completely still, afraid it was all a dream and he’d disappear.

Something touched her lips. “Open.” She obeyed without question, biting into a cold and grainy texture only to moan in ecstasy when the taste of strawberry burst across her tongue.


Juice dripped from her bottom lip as she accepted the whipped cream he offered next. His warm mouth closed over her chin to gently suck before sliding up to cover her own. “It’s not as sweet as you.”

He backed up a step when her hands lifted to touch him. “This is about you. Just feel.”

She was on board with whatever he decided to do as long as he didn’t stop.

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  1. Thank you for having me! I love your face!

  2. Yes! She is amazing and not only writes hot scenes ..they are sensual. The character connection always feels so real to me every time I read her work.


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