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Long Time, No Post

Man, when was the last time we talked? Oh gosh, that’s right, um…LAST WINTER!!

I’m ashamed. Truly, madly, deeply. Though, my friends, the times they can be tough. My tough times came by way of my day job, which has been pretty much working me to death. That’s the way of it in summer towns; you know, those small, pretty places that thrive on summer tourism. In my case, that’s spring/summer/fall tourism. But things are slowing a bit now, and I’m finding random odd hours here and there to get some writing in. That means British Invasion 3: U.K. Dom is in the works!! And I’m both excited and terrified. Lol! Because while Dom is just as charming and amusing as the rest of the Fire from Lancashire lads, this book definitely has a darker tone than the others, which I hope you’ll still love as much as I’m loving it so far.

Damn, these stories are just getting more serious as I go. What the hell’s the world coming to when a bunch of male strippers have to get all deep? Why can’t they just be fun and sexy and pretty, like good boys?? Sigh…  😉

I’m getting a bit more time to write each week, so I’m hoping (and praying, and chanting…) to have Dom published by the end of September. Cross your fingers!! And thanks for being so patient! 

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